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- Say “I’m as nimble as a forest creature.”

- You’re as nimble as a forest creature.

- No, say it about yourself.

DEADWOOD | Sold Under Sin

This show had such beautiful moments.

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Id love to try crossfit, we just can’t afford it. As I’ve researched it, one thing bums me out. The “us” vs “gym people” mentality. Take this from the outlaw cross fit website :

"THEY have CNN or Kelly Clarkson playing in the background.
WE have other members cheering you on to finish your last rep.

THEY have cardio machines that tell you you’re going too fast.
WE have trainers that are telling you you’re not going fast enough.

THEY have mirrors.
WE have trainers that tell you how to correct your form.

THEY have biceps curls and cable crossover machines.
WE have squats and deadlifts that you’ll actually be able to transfer into real life.”

Hey crossfit folks. Some of us are at the gym because 15/month is all we can afford. So we research, we watch tons of videos, we talk to trainers we practice with a non-weighted bar, in front of a mirror, to make sure the correct form is in our muscle memory.

I get to the gym at 5-6am before work, 6 days a week. I bust my ass. I deadlift. I squat. I WORK.

Can’t we all just get along?

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I love fashion, as an artist. The colors! The textures! The unique point of view!

But as a person I look at people online whose pic has been posted because of their avant garde outfit and I think, “that person just looks like an a-hole.”